Sam Lufti Claims Britney Spears is Seeking Help For Mental Issues to Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters received a call from Britney Spears’s manager and “very good friend” Sam Lutfi. that Lutfi said Britney was seeking help for what Walters termed “mental issues which are treatable.”

“She has been to a psychiatrist,” Walters, 78, said, recounting Lutfi’s explanation over the phone. “She, I assume, is starting some kind of treatment.”

Walters also reported that Spears was having trouble sleeping and was suffering from “mood swings,” but that she was back in touch with her mother, Lynne Spears.

The ladies of the View challenged the veracity of Lutfi’s report and Walters’s response was, “I don’t know if anybody is telling the truth or not telling the truth.” But she noted, “He has been with her constantly. He seems to be enormously supportive.”

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