748-Pound Shark Caught – Morons of Course Kill It!

Miami News is reporting a fisherman caught a 748 pound shark. A group of friends were fishing about 18 miles off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale Sunday when they stumbled across 10-foot-long, 750-pound shark feeding on a swordfish. So the geniuses instead of leaving the creature in the water who had probably been alive for 100’s of years decided to take a trophy. They only add fuel to the fire of people who say "Man cannot do anything but destroy."  

It take a slightly raised level of consciousness for a person to be able to gain their satisfaction from a natural scene merely as an observer. Our first instinct is of course to kill and possess all of nature’s beauty because early man had to do a fair amount of that in order to survive. But overcoming that bloodlust and being able to gain satisfaction from actual observation of nature actually makes more sense from our current position as curators of mother natures dwindling offerings,