Blake To Use “Amy Love Letter” In Divorce

Troubled Amy Winehouse’s jailbird husband skumbag Blake Fielder-Civil is to use her final impassioned love letter to him as a divorce weapon—to try and win a massive chunk of her $20 million fortune.

Amy poured out her heart and soul in the note—vowing she adored Blake and promising to write some new albums especially for him.  But now his divorce lawyers will argue that proves how important Blake was to Amy’s life and career, insisting he was the inspiration behind the hits that made her millions and deserves half her cash.   It might just be worth it to pay him this money to get rid of the parasite.

Drug addict Blake is accusing Rehab rock star Amy of wrecking their 20-month marriage by committing adultery. But in her last love note to him, she:

* GUSHED how she was constantly thinking of her “wonderboy husband”.

* WROTE his name in large letters composed of a chain of love hearts.

* PRAISED him as the “most beautiful creature” she’d ever seen.

* CONFESSED she longed to “smell and taste” him as she sat home alone.

* REVEALED she spent $6,000 on sexy Agent Provocateur undies and couldn’t wait to “f***” him. 

Amy’s global smash hit album Back to Black was based on the agonies of her relationship with Blake.  And in a key passage of her six-page letter—all on pink notepaper and released exclusively to the News of the World by her angry mother-in-law —the star talked of plans to base future records on their relationship.   After suggesting a collection of cover versions of their favourite songs she put the idea to one side and wrote: “So I’m thinking how about I write you a few albums instead.”

In her own rambling fashion, Amy continued: “Blake you are . . . the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I pinch myself thinking about pinching you baby. Oh to kiss your skin.  “You are grace and majesty, your lips with mine are royal cushions that carry away in sweet savage dreams the minute they meet. You are a real boy. Everything I could pray for. realy my Boy Wonder.”

Amy then teased Blake with revelations of her new lingerie. She wrote: “For my birthday I got loads and loads Agent Provoc stuff, you’ll love it.   "I’m gonna put it on now. I spent about 3K but I LIVE in wait for your face and lap and SATISFIED smile. . . you imagine me in it and have it in your head.  “Oh I wish I could sit on your lap and just kiss you. Kiss, kiss, kiss your f***ing grin off until it gets very serious.”  She added: “I want you, I’m always thinking of you. Sometimes I don’t like the idea of you thinking of me so much because it is FRUSTRATING and a TEASE. “I want to look at pictures of you and shed hot tears of frustration that you would laugh and tickle me for. . .

“When you begin drifting off and your eyes twitch the beginnings of a dream, we can be together. “Blake do you feel my arms around you like I do the other way round? PLEASE my darling, think of the simple sweetness that I live for: to wake up and see you before anything else, to smell and TASTE you!! Oh Blakey I love you.”   Amy signed off her letter: “Heart you husband, my wonderboy, Your wanton wife in wait. Your marmaduke Civil. Amy xxxx.”

But despite all the steamy words—and with Blake still behind bars at Edmunds Hill Prison, Suffolk— Amy had an affair with her manager’s assistant Alex Haines. Riddled with guilt, she confessed to Blake. He forgave her but she stopped sending letters and didn’t visit again.  Blake finally made the dramatic decision to divorce her two weeks ago after she was photographed cuddling up with hunky Josh Bowman in the Caribbean.

And as Blake’s mother Georgette Civil gave NOTW the bombshell love letter yesterday she admitted she’d been enraged by Amy humiliating Blake and branding him a flop in bed. “Amy’s been incredibly cruel with her comments.” said Georgette. “It was so unnecessary.  “This love letter completely contradicts what she’s been saying. It will be an important part of his divorce case.”

A legal source revealed: “
The letter could prove pivotal as it proves how important Blake was to Amy’s career.  “By the time the case gets to court Amy could be worth as much as £12 million and realistically Blake could end up with a quarter of that.”

Blake Fielder-Civil last night broke his silence on cheating wife Amy’s holiday fling with rugby hunk and budding actor Josh Bowman and declared: “What have I done to deserve this?”  In an emotional letter to his parents Blake says he cannot forgive her for two-timing him in the same St Lucia resort where they spent their 2007 honeymoon. 
“Does anyone deserve this kind of treatment?” he wrote.  “Am I that bad?”

And shattered Blake—back in jail after failing a drugs test in rehab on early release—revealed how Amy’s attack on his sexual prowess has made him the butt of prison jokes. He confessed: “Amy’s words and actions have disappointed me a lot. “The comment on my ability in the bedroom has caused a lot of humour among my fellow inmates.  “I must try harder with my next girlfriend!  “It would be all too easy to get into a war of words. The impulse to retaliate is strong but the need to act with dignity and respect is a must.” 

Even though Amy last week vowed she still loved Blake and would not let him divorce her, he pledged to press on with proceedings.

He admits he is angry at being blamed for Amy’s troubles and stressed: “I’ve taken everything on the chin and had my character assassinated but I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone. I know what I’m made of. “I’ve made mistakes and I’ve been punished. In short, I want to be left alone.”

Note to Amy after reading her letter to him you are either really really dillusional or you must have been stoned out of you head when you wrote that letter.

Note to Blakey – Yes you are that bad!  You are a scumbag who is just trying to get as much many as you can out of this situation.  Your mother does not sound much better.

But in the end I think it would be worth it for Amy to pay anything she has to – to get this waste of space out of her life.