Chris Brown Can’t Find CD at Walmart; Says Stores ‘R Blackballing’ Him

Via PopEater Chris Brown unleashed a tirade on Twitter over the weekend after he couldn’t find his new album, ‘Graffiti,’ on the shelves at a New England Walmart. He said big retail chains are "blackballing" him and "lying to customers."

"im tired of this s–t," he wrote at noon on Dec. 11. "major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f–k do i gotta do."   To read the rest of this story visit PopEater.

  • Mike Miller

    Well, there’s probably at least three things the idiot could do for a start: 1. stop beating on women, 2. show even the slightest bit of contrition or remorse for having beaten on Rihanna 3. shut his pie-hole.

  • Dasche Bledsoe

    I think they need to stop treating Chris Brown as if he’s the first person to ever do something like this. Give the guy a break, he’s apologized over and over, he genuinely seems sorry, he’s taken anger management classes and such. Let the guy move on, like he said what else can he do? Let’s remember Rihanna was not completely innocent. He isn’t ‘beating’ on women Mike and he’s done nothing but show remorse for the situation. I’m not saying by any means that what he did was okay, but I am saying that I don’t think its something he should have to serve a life sentence for.

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