Crystal Renn Plus-Size Model Is Not Hungry Anymore!

Crystal was not very happy as a pin thin model, afraid to eat anything at all that would make her gain weight. One day she had an epiphany when "I couldn’t walk another step without being exhausted, or having hair clumps falling out."  She knew she was not living the proper life for her.  A healthy life for her would have been a curvy size 12.

In a new memoir "Hungry," Renn, now a plus-size model, exposes her struggles with weight, health and self-esteem, fueled by the industry she says she still loves. 

"I got to my lowest point, when I couldn’t go lower, and it was either, `I’m going to die and not accomplish the dream,’ or, `I can become a plus-size model and keep the dream,’" she said in an interview. "I am healthy now, the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life—both physically and mentally."

Writing "Hungry" with Marjorie Ingall for Simon & Schuster was an important part of the healing process, said Renn, 23.