Did Dr. Phil Grab Shirley Dieu’s Boobie?

LMAO could not happen to a nicer guy.  Apparently "Ambulence Chaser" Dr. Phil is being sued cause some women Shirley Dieu is claiming Dr. Phil held her captive, made her look at a naked man and then touched her boobie.  Seems she went to the Doc for therapy in 2007 and what she got instead was brainwashed.

TMZ says Shirley claims Phil forced her to "be in the same room with a completely naked live man while he exposed his entire naked body, genitals and all." Shirley alleges she tried to escape the building, but "was blocked by the staff to prevent her from leaving."

No mention of how much she wants but you gotta know it is going to be a lot!  Photo: Flynet Pictures

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