From Dancer to Blimp! Guess Who?

This porky dude use to be married to a "pop tart"!  Looks like he had one "Happy Meal" too many LOL  – Maybe he is eating himself to "Orca" size because his rap career has failed  ;-)  Just proves that the lazy lowlife is just sitting back and enjoying his wife’s earnings while doing nothing!

Answer under the cut  


Yep it is the one and only ex-Mr. Britney Spears.  K-Fatty or K-Fed or Kevin Federline!

5 responses to “From Dancer to Blimp! Guess Who?”

  1. says:

    The moron K-Fed – should be known as Over-Fed.

  2. captain america says:

    …………..GRIZZLY ADAMS?

  3. From Dancer to Blimp! Guess Who? | says:

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