Jon Gosselin Robbed $200,000 From Kate But Still Has Time To Go to “The Ivy”

Yikes the divorce between Jon & Kate keeps getting messier and messier.   Apparently Jon removed $200,000 from the couple’s joint checking account and that is a "No, No".   Apparently the judge warned both of them not to remove money from their accounts without permission from the other. Kate’s lawyer is expected to go to court Monday to suggest Jon be held in contempt.

Meanwhile despite his proclamations of wanting to focus on his family, Jon Gosselin continued to be far away from his estranged wife and eight children as he visited The Ivy in Beverly Hills, CA with his lawyer on October 3, 2009. As they made their way through the crush of fans and photogs, Jon appeared to be loving every minute of it. For a man that continually voices his concern for the well being of his children, he certainly appeared to not have a care in the world!  Photo: Fame Pictures

  • captain america

    I heard only FAGGOTS were serving meals that day?