Michael’s Doctor: He Danced In My Office 3 Days Before Death

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist says the did not appear in poor health—and even danced in his office—three days before he died.  Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson’s longtime doctor, made his comments in an interview that aired Wednesday on ABC’s "Good Morning America."

He said "He was not in terrible pain. He danced in the office. He danced for my patients. He was very muscular and he was very, very happy and dancing." 

Klein says he saw nothing that would make him worry.  Dr. Klein also denied giving Michael drugs.  "I was not one of the doctors who participated in giving him overdoses of drugs or too much of anything, in fact, I was the one who limited everything, who stopped everything."

Still, Dr. Klein said he was always concerned about Jackson because he knew that whatever he wanted, he could always find someone to give it to him.

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