Stephen King – What a innovativate way to promote your Book !

The author who is known as Kind of Horror need not try hard to sell his books. He tries to give the story maximum publicity, by publishing it on the naked body of Israeli super model Bar Refaili.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s model girlfriend features nude on the July cover of the U.S. edition of men’s magazine Esquire, with the opening paragraphs of King’s short story written across her famous curves.

Morality is billed as a story about a married couple who are struggling financially.
The wife Nora ‘is approached by her employer with a proposition that could make their dream of a home in Vermont a reality. But will it be worth the moral consequence?’

Bar posed naked to launch the magazine’s special Stories of our Time edition.
Bar enthused: ‘I haven’t seen anything like that ever. So I wanted to be the girl who did it.’
The model lay still while graphic designer James Victor painted first 48 of the story’s 6,657 words on her naked flesh..
The smoke blowing in my face: “Is this bothering you?”
She also talks about how to look sexy in photos, which, as it turns out, involves three key tricks. . Read more on esquire magazine