Tiger Tiger Tiger & More Tiger Around The Blog World

No matter where you look or what your are listening to Tiger news seems to be everywhere.  Is it all true?  I doubt it – if Tiger has as many mistesses as they say he would never have had time to play golf.  However, one thing is clear Tiger was not as squeeky clean as he would have us believe. 

So after all this mess do all Signs Point to Divorce for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren (PopEater)  And Apparently Tiger Woods Wife has Called in Lawyers to Divide Property, No Wedding Ring On Elin (Daily World Buzz)

Does wifey plan to spend Christmas in Sweden without Tiger? (People).  Is the big affair with Rachel Uchitel still on? (US). 

Rumor also has it that Tiger was devastated by his own father’s cheating. (E! Online) LOL it has also been confimed that Jessica  Simpson was NOT a Tiger Woods Mistress (Amy Grindhouse)

Good news for Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren She Might Have Puma Deal (Anything Hollywood)  Of course there is wink wink another Tiger Woods mistress rumor (The Hollywood Gossip) 

Hmm well you know what they say "Bad Press is Better than NO Press" ;-)

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