Tiger Woods Enjoys Double Standard – Mistress Apparently Okay With His Sponsers

It seems that Tiger Woods‘ big sponsors came out in force today to support one of their biggest money earners branding him with the "Okay – We Support Him" double standard lie.   Well we don’t think its okay and privacy issues are irrelevant here – Tiger is a superstar of superstars and earns more money than any other sports star in the world – most of it through corporate sponsors like Nike, Amex, AT&T, to name a few.   hese sponsors have implicitly said that its okay for Tiger Woods to have a mistress – a woman with which to have extra martial sex – while he pretends to live the happy family all American lifestyle for the public. We say NO – keep your lies to yourself Tiger but don’t expect either our sympathy or support!   You are a phony – a fake – and now you are exposed.

Tiger’s poor wife was so enraged at her cheating husband that she attacked him physically and then went after him with a golf club as he tried to escape – apparently on ‘prescription’ painkillers – and this led to his car accident.   Mr. Woods has since avoided speaking with state troopers which means he is lying big time and does not want to tell the truth.   So all this is "okay" according to his sponsors?? I  t is okay to ignore and snub the law – even thwart legal investigations, to keep a sleazy whore (mistress as they are otherwise known) right after your devoted wife has given birth to your second child – and to take so many prescription painkillers, even though you are not suffering any serious medical condition, that you can not speak coherently when questioned by the officers at the scene of the crime/accident. Hmmm – it’s about time we said NO to the sponsors and No to Tiger Woods.   You are a good at golf but you are a disgusting human being and your sponsors are equally disgusting. It’s the old boy’s network all over again.   Oh well, Tiger was caught with his pants down, so to speak, and his wife blew a fuse (good for her).

Woman suffer the agonies of child bearing and the least they can expect from their husbands is loyalty and support – not infidelity and subsequent humiliation.   Tiger Woods needs to apologize to his wife and to all of us for his behavior and take serious measures to correct it if he ever again wishes to be held in our esteem.  Photo: Fame Pictures


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