Cash Poor Lindsay Faces Money Problems

Based upon an unsustainable lifestyle full of travel, drugs, and general extravagance – oh and let’s not forget legal fees – Lindsay Lohan was barely capable of raising the $300k required as part of her bail conditions Judge Schnegg set Friday.  Lindsay hasn’t earned A-list money for a long time now but naturally, being the stoned, conceited, spoiled brat that she is, she has attempted to maintain the major big star lifestyle leading to her being pretty close to broke. 

An insider says that most of Lindsay’s money comes from her selling stories and photos about herself to mags, tabloids, and blogs, which while a substantial amount, is nowhere near what she earned when she was working as an actress.  She apparently spends money faster than it comes in – always buying thousands of dollars of designer clothes and jewelery (when she is not stealing them!), staying in the priciest hotels, renting superstar limos, and of course there is that ubiquitous supply of drugs and the huge legal costs she is forced to absorb just to stay out of jail.  Poor Lindsay Lohan – another victim of the recession – LOL!


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