China Ruins Miss World Competition – In a Funk Over Noble Prize

China Ruins Miss World Competition - In a Funk Over Noble Prize

The Miss World Competition took on an ugly tone when the favorite to win, Mariann Birkedal, Miss Norway, seemed to be frozen out of the competition by China’s rage at Norway awarding the Noble Peace Prize to a jailed Chinese Dissident, Liu Xiaobo.

This let the American, Alexandria Mills, take first place.  Imagine how outraged the Chinese were – the contest took place in China and Miss Norway was unable to even crack the top 5!   Of course Taiwan was not even allowed to compete as China refuses to recognize Taiwan as an independent state.   Having such a contest, one with such an international flavor, in a place like China is ridiculous.  The Chinese, who rig everything, can not understand that the Noble Committee chooses the winners of the Noble Prizes completely free of any political influence so that penalizing Miss Norway is utterly pointless and petty and makes China look very ugly.  Of course the fact that China has political prisoners that are winning Noble Peace Prizes already means that the world’s most populous nation is a brutal dictatorship.  Miss World is supposed to be a competition that respects beauty and good character – not political expediency.