Courtney Love Paid $17,000 For A Date With Adrien Brody

Courtney Love Paid $17,000 For A Date With Adrien Brody

Because Courtney Love has shelled out a whopping $17,000 for a date with Adrien Brody, here’s a photo of him giving us that “WHY?!?!?” look. We know why…it’s because she’s possessed by the crazy!

During Paul Haggis‘ Artists for Peace and Justice Fundraiser for Haitian schools, Courtney placed a bid, just to sit down and eat dinner with him. A source said, “Spies said Love got into a fierce bidding war with Gerard Butler over Brody at the bash, which also marked the opening of restaurant Salon Millesime at the Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue. She also scooped up a walk-on part in Haggis’ next movie.”

I didn’t think she had any money left, after she claimed that some vultures ravaged Kurt Cobain’s estate. I wonder what possessed her to bid that much on a date with him? And why on Earth was Gerard Butler bidding against her?

What does Adrien have that everybody wants? Now that’s what I want to know!

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  • karen roberts

    is that bitch for real? She had a good thing with kurt, she tortured him, and michael stipe(rem) and ed norton,,,she could of had it all but the bitch just can’t see the writing on the wall…if i was anyone in hollywood, or the world for that matter, i would stay as far away from that bimbo who calls herself an artist..dave grohl was the smartest man of all

    • Gotta agree with you she seems nuts!

  • oh and may i add, that her her precious daughter had to take a restraining order out against her own mother..courtney , do us all a favor and do yourself a favor and go hang out on a really high bridge and i ain’t talking about a guitar riff