Daryl Hannah Was “Blacklisted” From Hollywood

The ‘Splash’ actress was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome– which limits social interaction – early in her career and admits she almost ruined her professional life because she was so nervous of doing promotion as it involved talking to lots of people.

She said: “I never went on talk shows, never went to premieres. Going to the Academy Awards was so painful for me. I’d almost faint just walking down the red carpet. I was so socially awkward and uncomfortable that I eventually got blacklisted.  “Studio executives would call me but I’d be too shy to call them back. So after a while a couple of studios literally told my manager that I was blacklisted.”

Although her career was almost over before it had begun, Daryl – who turns 50 this year – claims she would never put her work before her personal life.
She said: “If something in my personal life comes up that moves me – whether it’s because my father was ill, or because I want to spend time with my boyfriend – I will prioritise that over taking a movie part. That’s the way I’ve been throughout my life.”   Photo: Fame Pictures