David Beckham In Court Battle With In Touch Weekly

David Beckham In Court Battle With In Touch Weekly

David Beckham was accused of having many dates with many women secretly so that Posh Spice wife Victoria remained in the dark.  The magazine publisher, German billionaire businessman Heinz Bauerwhich, filed these and other court papers in his defence against a $25,000,000 libel suit Beckham has brought against Heinz and In Touch, edited by Michelle Lee.
In the court papers Beckham is suspected of carrying on an affair with a Los Angeles-based lingerie saleswoman who he would secretly meet at the Figueroa Hotel near Staples Center after LA Lakers basketball games.

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 In addition at least three sets of independent sources — including “an acquaintance of Beckham” — detailed his strange behavior at two different hotels, at which he “appeared to be spending time with women who were not his wife”.  Furthermore, a source told In Touch how the lingerie store worker showed friends text messages she received from Beckham and that In Touch “continued to believe that Beckham did have a relationship with this lingerie saleswoman” even though he and the woman had denied it.

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But wait, there is more!  Beckham’s nanny saw “suggestive text messages” implying that he had an affair with Shery Shabani, the Beverly Hills mother whose children go to the same posh private school as Beckham’s three boys.
And this is the best – In Touch printed sensational claims that he romped with a Bosnian hooker who he is also suing!  She is prostitute Imra Nici, 26, who peddled the story that she slept with him for $10,000 cash in London and New York in 2007.
Beckham is at the denial stage in all this and the suing is probably a pathetic attempt to quiet his accusers – it won’t at all – and where there is this much smoke there is bound to be a fire or two!

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  2. Little Moon says:

    Just got out of your cave, are you?? Did you just happened to stumble on this LIES while on your way out from your deep-in-the-jungle-cave?? This is an OLD story now. And not only you are WAY LEFT BEHIND in this, you are also ADDING YOUR OWN STORIES to this! When and where did the lies about David Beckham and the “lingerie woman” come from?? The lies was only about the hooker, and not about any lingerie woman whatsoever! If this is a new one, even David Beckham has not heard about it himself coz he has NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENT (including the denial that you said made by him and the “lingerie” woman) AT ALL about this LATEST lies yet. So, how on earth do YOU know about it?? And which current Nanny, who is STILL working with Beckham according to you even after the “exposure”, actually had a right to look at Beckham’s cell-phones at all?? Don’t you think that the Beckhams doesn’t know about this and still keeping the nanny with them? How stupid can you be?? Is it because it’s YOU who made the stories up for real? And what a very good timing too! Everytime Beckham is/was up for something big, for some serious events which he is/was the VVIP for the successfull of it, there comes lies all over about his personality and private TO DISCREDIT HIM and the works all around him, like this upcoming World Cup bid! When In Touch 1st printed their lies about the hooker, it has everything to do with Beckham’s role in the World Cup’s bid and his comeback in football and showbiz after his injury! And please..Beckham is NOT suing these liers to shut them up, he’s suing them to teach them to not easily mess up with him! He is NOT like other celebrities who has NO substance at all when making threats to sue the tabloids, coz there are truth in other celebs’ stories, but with Beckham, he has NOTHING to lose coz he is in the right!! Why do you think Beckham is willing to sue and fight in the 1st place, idiot?!

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