Dentist Given Immunity Who Witnessed Oksana Grigorieva’s Injuries

Dentist Given Immunity Who Witnessed Oksana Grigorieva's Injuries

Dr. Shelden Ross has been given immunity by the Los Angeles District Attorney in exchange for his full cooperation in the investigation of Mel Gibson’s assault on Oksana Grigorieva.  

A inside source tells Radaronline that “Dr. Ross was given immunity so he would cooperate with the investigation of Mel Gibson. Dr. Ross was initially reluctant to cooperate because he feared he would also be the subject of a separate criminal investigation for not reporting Oksana’s injuries.”
The source continued “Dr. Ross is required by law to report injuries. The reason he didn’t talk to cops right after Oksana told him, was because Oksana made him promise he wouldn’t tell anyone.”
After Dr. Ross was given full immunity, “he fully cooperated with the investigation,” the source said. “He realizes he made a mistake by not reporting the incident. Still, Dr. Shelden would make a very strong witness for the prosecution if Mel Gibson is charged with any crime in connection with the incident.”

If all of this is true – if a dentist is coming forth to testify about injuries Oksana received at Mel’s hand – then Mel is screwed.  Furthermore, if Mel attacked Oksana so ferociously then expect a huge settlement in Okasana’s favor, regardless of the fact that she is a gold-digging tramp.

One response to “Dentist Given Immunity Who Witnessed Oksana Grigorieva’s Injuries”

  1. Parker says:

    We need to be careful about phrases like “a source close to…”

    While health care professionals are obliged by law to report domestic violence incidences in certain states, many don’t. The benefits versus losses is hotly debated by many said professionals. It is by no means a closed matter. The reason for this is that it can back-fire, with many people refusing medical help because of it. For this reason many MDs, DDS, etc… don’t report. And the penalties are not so stiff that they dissuade many practitioners from withholding information from authorities.

    I don’t know whether the dentist was granted immunity or not. But since he already spoke to authorities months ago (remember only tabloids, with their “sources close to…” discredited his testimony) AND has long submitted pictures to the courts (which only the courts have in their possession,) it’s likely he intended to testify all along, if called upon.