Did Kate Gosselin Get A Boob Job?

Kate Gosselin is on vacation with her rumored boyfriend and bodyguard Steve Neild. She’s been showing off her body left and right, this giving way to rumors that she had breast enhancement surgery.

It was said that she had the surgery in June of 2009, at Steve’s request. A source claimed, “Kate was going to have one kind of breast augmentation, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best.”

Radar Online has the denial:

She is on the cover of People Magazine this week, saying her hot new body is courtesy of exercising. She addressed the plastic surgery rumors saying, “These breasts are all mine.

Yet, according to their consultations with plastic surgeons, her boobs are 100 percent fake. So why even pose the question and get an answer if they’re just going to call some experts up and take their words for it?

  • fc2010

    As usual Kate is lying..after carrying a set of twins and then 6 babies her breast skin is flabby, just like her stomach before the tuck, and breast tissue is NOT muscle and will not respond to exercise alone she had a breast lift and augmentation all at the same time.. why not just own up to it?? The only sin here is the lie…