Dina Lohan On The Today Show (Video)

Dina Lohan On The Today Show (Video)

Dina Lohan appeared on The Today Show to talk with Matt Lauer about her daughter Lindsay’s stay at the Betty Ford Center for treatment. Even though she previously alluded to Lindsay not needing any type of rehab treatment, she now says that Lindsay is a changed person.

When asked how Lindsay is doing, Dina replied, “It is the most, it’s life changing, the Betty Ford Center, is just an amazing place and I’ve spent two weeks there in family sessions and you’re not necessarily with the person who’s in the facility, you spend time with families of addiction.”

Check out the interview, below! Dina’s piece starts at around 3:15.

Don’t you just love how Dina says that she wasn’t in denial about her daughter’s addiction problem before? Take responsibility for being an enabler, Dina. We all know you didn’t actually believe that your daughter was an addict.

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  1. NeNe says:

    I wonder how much money this fake mother got paid to spew her bullshit lies this time? Coz, you know, bitch ain’t gonna talk for free.