Dumb & Dumber last team to arrive on Amazing Race

I love Jordan & Jeff, but God help them, they don’t have a brain between them.  Tonight, they arrived at the pit stop last and were eliminated.  No surprise, they have been moving at a snails pace and were bound to be the last team sooner or later. I just hope they take Jeff’s advice and never reproduce because they are so stupid.

Recap: Caite doesn’t want to make decisions, she just wants Brent to make them all so she can be bitchy and yell at him.  Hopefully Caite gets sidetracked with her bitchiness and is the next to go. We all know what happened when she got sidetracked with her lack of knowledge in geography!

Detectives Louie and Michael got first place again, if they keep up the pace they will have a good chance of winning.

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