Eva Longoria Parker Is Countersuing Her Former Business Partners

Eva Longoria Parker  ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress is furious with allegations made by Ronen and Mali Nachum – who managed and had a small stake in her restaurant Beso Las Vegas – that they were forced out of the eatery because of the conduct of her and other part-owners, and she has now hit back by serving legal papers.   Her representative said: “All allegations against Longoria Parker… and the restaurant are absolutely false, untrue, and without merit. Longoria Parker plans to countersue the couple in a court of law in order to protect the integrity of the restaurant, its brand and the welfare and well-being of her employees, as well as her own reputation.“  Eva Longoria Parker is a well-respected businesswoman who is nothing short of honourable in all endeavours that she embarks upon, whether they are political, philanthropic, or in any professional business capacity.”

Last Friday (04.06.10), Ronan and Mali sued for breach of contract, alleging they had been forced out of their jobs by “scare tactics”.   As well as accusing them of stealing cash, the pair were also said to have assaulted a server and punched a female patron in a document sent out by Eva and other part-owners including Jonas Lowrance.   The actress also is said to have written an email to the couple saying she needed to "discuss where my money is" before arranging a meeting, which was attended by six large men who handed them a restraining order asking them to leave or be arrested.

Co-owner Jonas even filed for a protection order against Mali, claiming he was "repeatedly put in fear of the immediate threat of harm to my person and property interest at Beso”.   The pair are suing for $10,000 for breach of contract and abuse of process and civil conspiracy against both Eva and Jonas.   They are also hoping to win their jobs back.

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