Is Dina Lohan Trying To Put Lindsay Under A Conservatorship?

In the Lohan version of As The Stomach Turns douchebag daddy Michael Lohan is fighting mad.  Seems Michael has learned of a devious plot to put his daughter Lindsay Lohan under a conservatorship.  The conservatorship would give Dina Lohan is ex-wife legal power over Lindsay and her money.

Michael told RadarOnLine:

“I’ve learned of a plot to put Lindsay under a conservatorship.  It’s disturbing… the co-conservators would be Dina and Lindsay’s business manager, Lou Taylor.  “Lou and Dina are trying to throw Lindsay in a rehab right now and get her out of the picture so they can get a conservatorship without her knowing.”

It was one thing when Britney Spears’ father did this to her, it is quite another thing when Dina Lohan tries to do this.  What judge in his right mind would give Dina Lohan conservatorship over Lindsay.    Dina should lose custody of her children.  She has been an enabler partying with Lindsay and providing her with alcohol not to mention letting her 16 year old daughter appear in racy ads.   Not that I am a big fan of Michael Lohan, but in the case he might just have a point.  The whole family is looney and Lindsay might have a chance of sobering up if she got rid of them.


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