Jeff Miranda Proposes To Snooki [Photo]

Jeff Miranda is a classy, classy guy. He decided to appear on the front cover of the uber elegant Steppin’ Out magazine to ask the girl he loves for her hand in marriage.

Jeff is on bended knee with the text, “Jeff Miranda has a question for Snooki: Will you marry me?” Because that’s exactly how I picture my proposal from Alexander Skarsgard. Actually, Eric Northman wouldn’t have to get down on his knees at all, he’d just have to bare his fangs. But I digress.

Aww, is that the guido way of proposing? How cute. And hold up a second…Didn’t they just meet? It seems like it was just yesterday that Emilio Masella was calling her out for being a hoochie. That must’ve been 800 years ago in guido time.

These crazy kids. Alex, call me.

2 responses to “Jeff Miranda Proposes To Snooki [Photo]”

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  2. carouser says:

    Could MTV possibly be any more obvious?

    In what dream situation could we see this dynamic duo together? Could it be a spun-off reality show? Next week’s surprise drug bust? A remake of “Protein shakes forever?”