Celebrity Secrets – In Pursuit Of Beauty And Health!

Celebrity Secrets - In Pursuit Of Beauty And Health!

Today we will use Joan Collins to exemplify our first lesson in the pursuit of beauty and health – portion control – then we will summarize our advice.  Portion control is the key to every good diet – and a good diet is the key to health and beauty – without it no program will work and you will just find yourself frustrated, fat and unhappy.
Joan Collins’ method for maintaining a great body at 77 years of age is Today’s Tip, Portion Control.
Joan Collins is still very beautiful at 77.  Always sexy and glamorous, the wife of 44 year-old Percy Gibson, her fifth husband, started by putting down Jenifer Aniston saying she is at best cute – not beautiful.  No kidding Joan, even “cute” is pushing it for Aniston who resembles an envious mongoose on the prowl.  Collins claims that of today’s Hollywood Divas only Angelina Jolie stands out as a true beauty.  We disagree – Angelina has alway looked like a blue-veined scary skull to me.  In any case, Joan finds today’s cohort of Hollywood actresses to be seriously deficient in the glamour department. 
Joan say that the stars of the past put more effort into staying lovely and being beautiful than do today’s actresses.  She says that her secret to maintaining her slim size 10-12 figure is “portion control.”  Okay, we’ll buy that – it makes good sense and everyone who has ever had to watch their weight knows that portion control is a key to success.  It certainly beats binge eating followed by excessive exercise and starving oneself.  As one eats less the stomach shrinks as does the appetite – as long as you are getting a decent amount of good nutrition you will reach a manageable equilibrium at which you maintain your weight and satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs but not eat too much so that you don’t get chubby.  With portion control you reach a point where you maintain your weight and do not walk around starving all the time.
As Joan very accurately says: ‘People eat far too much these days and I’m very aware of the penalties of putting on weight,’ she explained.  ‘If you eat junk, you look like junk.”  People say, “It’s not my fault, it’s my glands”.  Well as Joan says, ” It’s not, it is greed.”  Portion Control is about not being greedy or at least controlling your greed – remember, that extra 5 minutes of gluttony where you wolf down extra fattening food takes hours or days to correct for – it is not worth it!  Don’t pig out – exercise portion control.

So let’s summarize now: Any healthful long-term plan designed to make you look good, feel good, and be healthy revolves around your diet, your exercise regimen, and your lifestyle – in short, how you look will be a reflection of how you live and THIS IS IN YOUR CONTROL!  In the coming weeks we will focus on all aspects of diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, supplements and other aspects of being beautiful and healthy.  This week we start with portion control, the centerpiece of any and every healthful and effective diet.  Portion control does not revolve around counting calories which is a silly waste of time.  You won’t find any big-league models or bodybuilders walking around with calorie counters.  This does not mean that we are saying you can eat all the calories you want, no, you obviously can’t.  But what we are saying is that the type of foods you select as well as consuming them in modest quantities at the correct times of day are the key.  Portion control means eating a moderate amount of food at any sitting and eating it slowly!  Never wolf down the meal – chew thoroughly and eat at a comfortable pace – make modest sized meals last longer.  You will feel fuller and more satisfied at the meal’s conclusion setting you along the path to success.  Think of what you used to eat – now try eating one-half of that amount or two-thirds.  It is probably enough.  Portion control also means distributing your food intake more sensibly. Take more salad and less bread.  More steamed and fresh vegetables and less pasta.  More fresh fruit and less cake and ice-cream.  Its really a no-brainer.  Most people know very well how to improve their diet but prefer to pig-out and then complain later that they can’t control their weight.  Forget that nonsense.  You live only once and you can and should enjoy food and at the same time maintain a healthy slim weight and look great. 

Imagine how proud you’ll be when you reach your ideal weight!  Imagine how happy you will be by maintaining that weight and looking the way you have always dreamed you could!  So for now start with portion control – not only at dinner – but every time you eat or drink.  Consume your food slowly and carefully – never bloat yourself – always leave the table without being stuffed or having that “too full” feeling – you can always eat more if you must but you can’t eat less once you have eaten.  When you chose to eat dessert take a small portion – if you are very hungry take more salad or vegetables, not an extra bread roll or potato.  Use common sense – eat moderately to head towards a more beautiful you!   Start right now and before you know it you will slimmer and sexier – and feel great about yourself!  Next article will discuss how to understand and classify food – which are good for you – which are bad for you – and why.

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