Jon & Kate Are Typical – We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us

Jon and Kate Gosselin are incredibly popular and people marvel at why that is. Well we know the secret – it is that Jon and Kate are living the Amereican Dream right out there in the public eye. The came from modest backgrounds but very quickly became super rich as they capitaized on the birth of the sextuplets and America’s fascination with tasteless drivel for entertainment.

Once they became famous and had plenty of money to throw around they both began to seek out in earnest the modern American Dream – Kate attempted to become beautiful and sexually more attractive largely through the use of cosmetic surgery and Jon began to date and bed innappropriately young women. There you have it in a nutshell – Kate followed her American Dream to become a beautiful and popular Hollywood Star and Jon followed his – to be a wealthy playboy.   For wealthy American people their age I’d say they were extremely typical. Jon is 33 and Kate is 35.  Photo: Bauer Griffin