Kate Middleton Attends Queen’s Family Lunch

Kate Middleton Attends Queen's Family Lunch

Royal wife-t0-be Kate Middleton joined her fiancé Prince William for a private family affair a pre-Christmas lunch with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.  The lunch was held at Buckingham Palace and is an annual event that takes place before the Queen heads off for her seasonal holiday.   The lunch was attended by several members of the Royal family and is said to be the first time Kate has had lunch with the entire family at the palace.

“It’s a momentous day for her,” royals author Judy Wade tells PEOPLE. “She must have met more than 40 members of the royal family and that must have been an ordeal for her to meet so many family members.”  “When she left, Kate was looking supremely happy. She was smiling broadly, she was beaming.”

They are adorable together and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

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