Kim Kardashian Wants Babies & Then Plastic Surgery

Just who does Kim Kardashian think she’s fooling anyways?!?? To think that this mediawhore hasn’t already gone under the knife to morph herself into a mini Kris Jenner is just ludicrous.

She has already given herself the real life version of Photoshop, so why bother lying about it? She has knifed away all of her old Armenian features, puffed up her lips and butt, so what’s really left?

She said, “Once I have kids, I will probably need, you know, a lift and stuff like that. I am not against plastic surgery at all.”

She has given Botox a try and wants us to believe that she didn’t like it. She added, “It was awful. I wanted to try it and, just turning 30, I am freaking out a little bit. It really wasn’t for me.”

Do you see a difference here?

That’s what I thought.

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