LeAnn Rimes Congratulates Dean Sheremet On Engagement News

LeAnn Rimes Congratulations Dean Sheremet On Engagement News

Since hearing the news of her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet’s engagement, LeAnn Rimes took to her Twitter to congratulate the happy couple.

On Saturday, she tweeted, “Congrats to @deansheremet and @sarah_silver on your engagement! A little birdie told me the happy news last night. Wishes for a life full of happiness.”

Apparently, there are those on the planet who called her out for her seemingly fake happiness. When she was met with criticism, she tried to convince her naysayers that she was legitimately happy for the news of her ex-husband’s engagement. She tweeted, “my congrats is from my heart. Sorry if you don’t understand it. I do not need the publicity, I get plenty. please stop passing judgement.”

Again, met with more criticism, she added, “why would anyone be unhappy that someone they’ve loved in their life has found love again?? People just want to be negative!”

Why not just release a statement? It seems to cheapen the sentiment by taking it to Twitter. Don’t you agree?