Lindsay Lohan To Score $1 Million For Post-Jail Interview

Besides doing artsy crap while “suffering” in rehab because “she’s not a criminal”, Lindsay Lohan definitely has a lot to look forward to when she gets sprung from the facility. How about one million reasons to smile, grin and bear it and tell the world how horrible her fourteen day stay in jail was.

According to MTV, OK! Magazine has offered LiLo a cool million to talk about her jail troubles in her first post-jail interview.

They report:

OK! magazine has offered Lohan $1 million for the interview, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lohan has reportedly not yet agreed to the deal — she’s still receiving treatment at a rehab facility run by UCLA Medical Center — but she will likely be released well before completing the court-ordered 90-day treatment plan, instead entering an out-patient program. Thus we might be hearing from Lohan — and the actress might be cashing a hefty paycheck — sooner than previously expected.

Are any of you really surprised by this? I mean, seriously, what interesting thing could she possibly have to say about her jail time? She wasn’t roughed up by any of the prisoners, she wasn’t treated differently (except maybe in a good way) by guards and she is a “changed person” blah blah blah.

Sure she is. Fourteen days in jail does a lot in teaching someone a life lesson. True story.