Michael Jackson’s Father Joe Jackson Continues To Be An Ambulance Chaser

ughhhh Michael Jackson’s father needs to go away.  This man is really repulsive he has proven time and time again he will do anything to get money out of Michael’s estate – he just cannot handle that the gravy train has stopped.   "Greedy Daddy" Jackson has now decided to try to sue over Michael’s death – he is trying to mount a wrongful death suit.  Joe filed papers today in LA County Superior Court petitioning to get Michael’s medical records.  Meanwhile Michael’s estate has denied Joe’s request for the medical records.

According to Joe the medical records will show what happened to Michael and he will be able to determine from them how much money he can collect from the person/people responsable for his death.  It would be nice if we could believe that Joe was doing the honorable thing but you gotta know it is all about the money for him.  Michael would have nothing to do with the man when he was alive and now Joe thinks he should profit off his son’s death.  What a vile vile person!

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