Michael Lohan Blames Himself For Lindsay’s Positive Cocaine Test

Michael Lohan is blaming himself for Lindsay’s positive drug tests, claiming that if he were around, it may not have happened.

In a new interview with Radar Online, Mike called out her enablers and said that he and Dina need to get on the same side if they’re going to help their daughter.

He said:

“Her manager and her friends failed, they failed beyond belief [and] I will do all that I have to call them out. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I wish she would just listen to me and just let me into your life. I’m telling you if you had me in your life this never would happen. If she had her father in her life she wouldn’t have this inner turmoil. She wants to numb the pain. You want people around you that are going to say no. When there’s people around you that just want to have fun, are those the people you want in your life? I’ve said it. Everything that is hidden comes to light…Even with Dina you can’t lie and get away with it. You can’t hide from it. We all care about Lindsay.”

At least now she’s admitting that she has a problem, which is the first step to recovery.

  • veritas

    Blaming himself also makes him and enabler. Lindsey is a grown woman and the blame rests squarely on her. Until she takes responsibility for her own behavior, not Daddy, not Mama, she will continue to make poor choices.