Michael Lohan & Dina Lohan Go Head To Head In Court!

"It’s almost been a year without child support," Dina Lohan said after a closed door meeting with her ex-husband in Nassau County Family Court in Nassau, New York on Tuesday February 9, 2010.   The parents of troubled starlet Lindsey Lohan have been squabbling over court-ordered child support payments.   It’s unclear how much Michael Lohan owes, but it has been reported it was more than $15,000. "I just want him to do the right thing. I just want him to take care of his kids," Dina Lohan said after the meeting.

"This isn’t about us. It’s about his children.""No one wants a war," she said. "I don’t want to be here more than anyone else in this building. It’s a very sad place."   Michael Lohan, 49, is due back in court on March 24.   His lawyer, John Pedranghelu, said Lindsay’s infamous dad plans to pay up  ."He’s promised to do so," he said. "We’ve heard that before. Hopefully he’ll be true to his word and the parties can go forward. Nobody wants to be here but he has a duty and obligation to support his children and that’s why we’re here."   After the meeting, Michael Lohan told the Daily News the sitdown was peaceful.  "I knew there was a reason why I married that woman," he said. "Dina and I walked out a hell of a lot better than when we walked in. It was very amicable. Everything is going to be resolved so we can move forward.""These are my kids and Dina’s their mother," he said.   "If I have to tow the line to support them I will." The fueding Lohans have sparred publicly since divorcing in 2007 and their riff only got nastier after Michael Lohan leaked a taped phone conversation of Dina revealing that their trouble daughter, Lindsay, was cutting herself.   "He swore he will never do anything like that again but the damage is done unfortunately," Dina Lohan, 47, said Tuesday. "You know, we’ve been hurt a lot by him."   Michael Lohan shot back, claiming his ex wanted to profit from the release of the tapes.   "She just wanted money from the tapes. That’s why she’s upset over them," he said. "It doesn’t make sense."   Photo: Fame Pictures

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