Miley Cyrus Wants To Get A Boob Job

Miley Cyrus is ready to push that envelope just a little further. The 17-year-old singer has already shed a ton of clothes for her performances and has gotten a tattoo, but there’s something else she wants to do that would make Chris Hansen scream out in agony: get a boob job.

A snitch close to Miley said, “Miley is intent on getting a boob job and she’s insisting her parents sign the consent form, which is required since she’s still 17. Billy Ray and Tish are letting her go for it. She’s beyond their control anyway.”

You know what’s really sad about this whole story? I truly believe that if Miley wanted to get her boobs done, her parents would be all gung-ho about it. How could they tell her no now? It’s obvious that they’ve never had any control over her and now because she’s about to turn 18, they’re just going to let her run wild.

Image credit to Fame Pictures

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