More Shots Fired Between Lindsay Lohan’s Parents

More Shots Fired Between Lindsay Loahn's Parents

One thing you have got to admire, or at least acknowledge, is how the Lohan family not only washes their dirty laundry in public but holds their entire existence out for public consumption.    I guess by now they take it for granted that all people, even total strangers, want to be part of their lives – at least in terms of knowing all about them.  So we continue to do our job here by keeping you informed and up to date with the latest Lohan lowdown.
Michael Lohan was blasting ex-wife Dina for attempting to gain conservatorship over Linday’s assets and income and now Dina has come out and denied that she ever wanted to do such a thing.  Michael continued his attack on Dina saying in reference to her rumored attempt to get a reality show based on Lindsay’s addiction and hopefully recovery that she should title the show “Living Off Lohan.”  Hey, whatever you think about Michael you have to admit he is funny!  Dina said apart from a small management fee she never took money form Lindsay saying that she has a great relationship with all of her children and that Michael is the destructive force in Lindsay’s life.  To quote Dina:  “As far as me living off of Lindsay, other than a minimal manager’s fee, all of Lindsay’s money went into a blocked trust until she turned 18. When Michael and I divorced, that money was split so that he couldn’t get at it. I do not live off of my daughter.”

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The Lohan’s have 4 kids together and apart from Lindsay, the eldest, they are Michael Jr. (22), Ali (16) and Cody (13) but the problem is that Michael is behind on his child support payments to Dina.  She said that although she made a deal to let him off of the arrears he owed her for back support with his promise to be prompt and pay on time in the future, he has since not paid and fallen again into arrears.  Dina points out that although Michael talks about how much he loves his kids his failure to pay the support mandated by law and agreed to by him shows that the person Michael cares most about is Michael.  We agree.  His behavior and Lindsay’s restraining order against him, her own father, tell a story that does not have Michael in very favorable role.
Michael always seeks access to Lindsay because that is what gets him in the news – that is his pathetic claim to fame.  His latest scam is to try to get Betty Ford to agree to force Lindsay to do family therapy including him.  Lindsay is at Betty Ford working on her cocaine addiction and has repeatedly expressed herself clearly as not wanting anything to do with her father who she blames for causing her childhood trauma.  Michael apparently was physically and verbally abusive to Dina and Lindsay often had to intervene as a child.  These incidents can certainly scar a tender young psyche and many adult addicts harken back to similar childhood experiences. 
When we look at Michael’s record of selling Linday’s private phone messages and conversations, his abuse of the children and Dina, his failure to pay child support, Lindsay’s restraining orders against him, his lengthy criminal record for securities fraud et al, and his constant attempts to use his relationship with his famous daughter to better his own lot in life we see that no matter how troubled or sick Lindsay and Dina might be, they are better than Dad!



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