Soul Circus Cowboys – The Band That Is Here To Make An Impact

If you are a fan of country music or just music in general, you will be a fan of the CD soon to be launched by the Soul Circus Cowboys. Not only will the new Soul Circus Cowboys’ CD feature traditional country music, it will provide a sound capable of crossing over to other genres.

Billy McKnight has brought together some of the best talent to one stage for the World to see.  Music Legends Terry Cole, Henry Paul, Billy McKnight team up to bring you their blood, sweat and tears in one CD after countless of hours of recording.   The CD will be officially launched in July/August.   Country singer/songwriter, Billy McKnight, took a chance when he decided to settle down on the Florida Suncoast in order to be near his family. During the same time, he took another chance when he gave up a recognizable solo career to work under a new brand called "Soul Circus Cowboys."

All the personal sacrifices and all the hard work are paying dividends as Billy McKnight prepares to return to the studios of "Music City."   The Country Music scene is already abuzz with his latest single that was launched titled "Love’s Like A Rodeo."   Industry insiders have been quoted as saying, "Pure Genius", "Original and Catchy", "Hit".   The song has been requested by stations all across the country.   ou can hear the song at

Next week, McKnight will be back in Nashville to record new song tracks under the guidance of the legendary producer and front-man, Henry Paul.   "Two of the new song tracks were personally penned by me. I am thrilled to be able to share my creative ability with our fans and touch hearts along the way. Being surrounded with like-minded musicians and producers has allowed Soul Circus Cowboys to ascend to a higher level in the country music industry," said McKnight.   Soul Circus Cowboys will be "turning it up to 11" and taking Country Music to the next level.   Believe the Hype!

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