Stevan Seagal Sued For Sexual Assault and Trafficking

It seems that if you call a prostitute an executive assistant then you can hire her with impunity.  At least that is what Seagal thought until his most recent hire, Kayden Nguyen, decided to charge him with sexual harassment and sexual trafficking when she realized that her duties as executive assistant included assisting the "executive"… and by "executive" we mean a very special MEMBER.

According to Kayden, Seagal had two Russian executive assistants whose job it was to cater to old Steve’s sexual needs 24/7 but one of the girls had quit for some reason – maybe she was tired of feeding Seagal’s pet snake. Rumor has it that he told people it was a python but previous assistants described it as being more like a toothless old garter snake.

In any case when Seagal tried to grope Kayden she resisted and complained. Fortunately, the 7th dan Akido Master remained calm and took matters into his own hands… nevertheless Kayden has filed a lawsuit against Seagal. My strong guess is that it will be settled out of court.  Photo: Fame Pictures