Survivor Season 20 – Official Castaways

The 20th season of Survivor will debut February 11th, 2010 Jeff Probst announced and it is a full all-star edition.  The new season is officially called Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, as its tribes will consist of former cast members who are either good or evil, basically. As Jeff Probst explained, “20 of Survivors greatest castaways return, and a conflict will ignite. One side chosen for their skills in deception, manipulation, and duplicity: the villains. And the other, defined by their decisions of integrity, courage, and honor: the heroes. Twenty castaways will return seeking revenge or redemption in the biggest battle in Survivor history.”

I have to admit I am a fan and will be watching.  There are a lot of interesting contestants brought back so it should make the show fun.  Can’t wait to see what Russell from the last Survivor will get up to.  Will he be able to find all the immunity idols again?


Amanda Kimmel 24, Survivor China: 2nd Runner Up; Survivor Micronesia: Runner Up 

Candice Woodcock 27, Survivor Cook Islands: 13th out

Cirie Fields 39, Survivor Panama: 12th Out, Suvivor Micronesia: 15th Out

Colby Donaldson 35, Survivor Australia: Runner-Up; Survivor All-Stars: 5th Out

James Clement 32, Survivor China: 10th out, Surivor Micronesia: Injured

James “JT” Thomas Jr. 25, Survivor Tocantins: Winner

Rupert Boneham 45, Survivor Pearl Islands: 8th out, Survivor All-Stars: 15th Out

Stephenie LaGrossa 29, Survivor Palau; 10th out, Survivor Guatemala: Runner-Up 

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper 29,  Survivor Gabon: 2nd Runner Up

Tom Westman 45, Survivor Palau: Winner


Benjamin “Coach” Wade 38,  Survivor Tocantins: 11th out

Courtney Yates 28, survivor China: Runner-up 

Danielle DiLorenzo 26,  Survivor Panama: Runner-Up

Jerri Manthey 38,  Survivor Australia: 8th out, Survivor All-Stars: 7th out

Parvati Shallow 27, Survivor Cook Islands: 15th Out, Survivor Micronesia: Winner 

Randy Bailey 50, Survivor Gabon: 11th out

“Boston” Rob Mariano 33,  Survivor Marquesas: 7th out;  Survivor All-Stars: Runner-Up

Russell Hantz 37,  Survivor Samoa: Runner-up

Sandra Diaz 34,  Survivor Pearl Islands: Winner 

Tyson Apostol 30,  Survivor Tocantins: 8th out