Tara Reid Continues To Look Like One ‘Cold Mess’

Tara Reid Continues To Look Like One 'Cold Mess'

Tara Reid, 34,  needs a new stylist of a new mirror.  I think she is suffering from the magic mirror syndrome.  She looks in the mirror and it tells her she looks beautiful but wrong.  Tara looks like an unkempt, bedragged mess.  Tara showed up at the Kinect XBOX 360’s Party at VIP Room in Paris last night [11.10.10] looking like she forgot to brush her hair and with a very ill-fitting dress.

Tara has been fighting addiction problems for years and recently had another stint in rehab late 2009.  She also has had problems with her weight and a few botched plastic surgery jobs.  What do you think fashion fail or fab?

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