The Kardashian Credit Card Is Coming

The Kardashian Credit Card Is Coming

If you’re sick of the media attention that the Kardashians are getting on television, the internet and everywhere else you could possibly imagine, then you’re not alone. Since it is their personal mission to flood every bit of our existence with their mugs, there’s a new Kardashian credit card coming out soon. Ugh, these people.

I swear, Kim Kardashian would put her face on toilet paper if she could find money in it. Sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have teamed up with Mobile Resource Card to bring us a line of prepaid cards with their faces on them. Oh the joy.

Kim took to her official blog to talk about the new venture. She said, “Never thought I’d have my own face on a debit card, but I think it’s pretty amazing we’re going to be in so many people’s wallets!”

The Mastercard comes with a free Mobile Money account, so that card holders can transfer money between their accounts using their cell phone.

She added, “To me, the coolest thing about this prepaid card is that when you get the card you also get a Mobile Money account for free and you can transfer your money between your accounts when you need it, using your phone. It’s like having an ATM in your phone, LOL. No one likes going to banks and ATMs and we’re constantly on our phones, so why not make it easy to manage your money from your mobile!?”

Interesting terminology there, Kim. You’re getting into people’s wallets in more ways that one. Will you line up to get a credit card with Kim’s face on it???