Which Celebs Were Born On Your Birthday (08/20/2010)?

Happy Birthdays for August 20th, 2010

Connie Chung 1946 Washington District Of Columbia
Newscaster, teamed with Dan Rather in 1993-95, married to talk show host Maury Povich
Zodiac Sign: Leo – Ascendant: Gemini

Rajiv Gandhi 1944 Bombay India
Prime Minister of India, son of Indira, assassinated by terrorists May 21 1990
Zodiac Sign: Leo – Ascendant: Libra

Carla Fracci 1936 Milan > Milano Italy
Dancer, prima ballerina La Scala in 1946, in TV movie “The Ballerinas” in 1984
Zodiac Sign: Leo – Ascendant: Aquarius

Jacqueline Susann 1918 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Writer, “Valley of the Dolls” 1966, “The Love Machine” 1969, “One is not Enough” 1973
Zodiac Sign: Leo – Ascendant: Aquarius

Jack Teagarden 1905 Vernon Texas
Bandleader, trombonist, vocalist, he had influence on the jazz age, married four times, died in 1964
Zodiac Sign: Leo – Ascendant: Pisces

Benjamin Harrison 1833 North Bend Ohio
23rd U.S. President(1889-93), 1st Pres to look toward overseas expansion, 1st wife died 1892, remarried 1896 had 1 daughter
Zodiac Sign: Leo – Ascendant: Leo


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