America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 Episode 8 Recap 11/02/11

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 Episode 8 Recap 11/02/11

Tonight is the eighth episode of Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model and I am excited.  ANTM is one of my guilty pleasures :-)  Last week  on the show it was a surpise double elimination.  Bianca, 22, from New York was eliminated and Kayla, 20, from Illinois went home.  Of the two Bianca certainly deserved to go home.  She complained about everything and refused to model in a bathtub because it was beneath her.  She asked the judges ‘Would Beyoné do it?’  The judges made it clear she was not Beyoncé.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!

Official synopsis: WE GOT THE BEAT – The All-Stars are given the most difficult challenge yet, as they are asked to write and sing a song about their lives, with a surprising twist. A few of the models struggle with the task and reach emotional breaking points. Once the song is complete, rapper Game steps in to direct the women in music videos based on their songs. André Leon Tally and Nigel Barker join guest judge rapper Game and Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for the elimination.

Tonight we will find out just how musical the models are as they do music videos.   Lisa, Alexandrea and Dominique go the regular sexy route while Laura looks like a country chick.  The most interesting is Alison, her song is about her father who passed away.  She is such a contradiction at panel she looks mousy but her pictures are fabulous.

Who is your favorite model?  I am rooting for Laura.  Sound out in the comments below and let us know!

Tonight’s show:  Lisa is super proud because she won best video.  The girls get Tyra mail and there is Little Madison and she is giving them makeup lessons.  She tells them her makeup lessons are free but they better keep a beat.  Mr. Jay comes and tells them they can take their celebrity up a notch by going viral.  They are going to get the opportunity to write their own song and make their own video.  Tom Polce is the music director from CBC records and he is going to help them write and produce their songs and videos.

There is a challenge of course! They are getting 20 minutes to hear the tracks that were written for them and in that time they have to write their lyrics to the tracks.  Tom will judge the best song.  Whoever wins gets a very special loved one flown in to spend time with them.

All the girls struggle with the song but Lisa is having an easy time she has been writing songs for years.  Lisa and Angelea were Tom’s favorite but at the end he chose Lisa’s song as his favorites.  Lisa gets to see her fiancé and spend time with him.

The girls arrive at the recoding studio and they are told there is a twist and they have to incorporate “pot ledom” – Top Model backwards in their song.

Alison gets up and sings and to everyone’s surprise she is great.  The other girls cannot believe she can model, take great pictures and now she can sing.  The last model up is Lisa and the girls can see that she is a natural she blows everyone away.

The girls go back to the house and Lisa’s fiancé Adam shows up or as she says her ‘Honey Bear’.  The next day the girls meet Mr. Jay and he tells them that he is proud of their tunes.  He tells them if they can commit to it they can go viral.  They are now going to film their video.  The girls get a surprise visit from Rapper Game and he will direct them in their music video.

Dominique –  The game tells her not to drop so much but he does not realize she is tripping over the equipment.  She looked good .

Alexandria – She was so awkward and stiff in taking directions.  The Game told Mr. Jay he has to put oil in the tin man.

Shannon – Nigel did not see the glint in her eye.  Game thought it was a little fake.

Lisa – Lisa raised the bar for everyone.  Game and Mr. Jay was impressed.  They loved it, it was dynamic.  It is a song that could be on the radio.

Alexandria – Game thought she looked fabulous but he never felt like he wanted to go anywhere with her.   She performed less than her amazing song.  She was too stiff.

Laura – she was having fun and it was adorable.  It is giddy and fun and charming.  She is the kind of celebrity that people love.

Angelea – the song resonate with Mr. J  – her eyes were so dead it just did not work.  The video was a little flat she should have give a little more movement.  She is not selling it enough.  It was not her best.

Allison – Game & Mr. Jay loved it.    Nigel thought it was extraordinary he would buy her song.  The video is mesmerizing.  Game thinks she is special.

Tyra meets the girls and tells them she is going to be in their video and Keenan Cahill will also be in their video.  They will be their backup posse.


Best Picture/Video:  Allison

Runner up for Best Picture/Video: Lisa




Bottom two Alexandria & Angelea


The show airs tonight live at 9:00pm, we will be blogging the results in real time, so refresh your page often for updates.