Are Pippa Middleton & Prince Harry Becoming An Item?

Are Pippa Middleton & Prince Harry Becoming An Item?

The rumors surrounding a possible romance between Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry persist! But are they really on the verge of dating?

I don’t think so, primarily because of the reports that she’s still with Alex Loudon. Now there are reports that Pippa and Harry have some pet names for each other. She calls him “Captain”, which is his rank in the military and he calls her “Commando”, which is apparently because of the rumors of her lack of underwear on the day of the Royal Wedding. Lovely.

He also was said to have ended his Best Man’s speech with, “Pippa, call me.” That just seems like a funny joke at a wedding, not a real invite. But the source is operating on the assumption that they are both single.

A source said, “They speak on the phone all the time and have met up at least five times since the wedding, once for tea at his Clarence House apartments. She thinks he’s got a really cheeky sense of humor.”

Another snitch said, “He only recently came out of a relationship, of course. He’s been trying to cheer Pippa up.”

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