Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 10 ‘Georgia Peaches’ Recap 11/27/11

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 10 'Georgia Peaches' Recap 11/27/11

Tonight is the tenth episode of Boardwalk Empire called ‘Georgia Peaches.’  Stay tuned as we cover the show with up-to-the-minute details of the show.  On last week’s episode Nucky and Owen meet with IRA leaders with a barter proposition, guns for Irish Whiskey.  Nucky learns something about Owen that he is not pleased about after John McGarrigle is killed.  Waxey Gordon takes action against Manny Horvitz but it fails.  Margaret’s daughter’s sickness took a turn for the worse and Margaret finds out what is wrong with her. There was a whole lot more that happened and if you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!

Official synopsis: Undercut by Nucky, who has a new source for alcohol, Jimmy and his partners look to cultivate a new revenue stream in Atlantic City. With the peak tourist season approaching, the Commodore’s (Dabney Coleman) crew faces a choice in dealing with the city’s striking workers: negotiate or fight back. Fearing that sin has led to misfortune, Margaret approaches Father Brennan (Michael Cumpsty) with an “act of devotion.” Nucky gets a new lawyer; Van Alden faces an uncertain future; Manny Horvitz takes exception to a debt payment.

Sadly there are only three more episode left to the season and it all comes to an end December 11th, 2011.  So make sure not to miss any of the episodes, but if you do we will have the recap for you :-)

Tonight’s Episode: At the docks in Hoboken Nucky’s shipment of Irish Whiskey has arrived as Owen watches to make sure nothing happens. It is being delivered in boxes marked Irish Oats to fool everyone. The African Americans are striking, marching and carrying pickets. Owen comes to The Ritz Carlton where they are striking and brings a case of Irish Whiskey.

He tells the boss that Nucky Thompson sent him. The man tells him he does not need oats. Owen shows him a bottle of Irish Whiskey. Owen pours him a drink to prove it is real. He tells the man $30 a case, less than the going rate. The man asks who will serve it and Owen tells the man they will be back. He tells the man that someday the strike will end and someday the deal on the fine Irish whiskey. The owner of the Ritz asks for 400 cases.

He gives her money for groceries and he sees a letter it is from Mrs. Van Alden and he is pissed she did not tell him. He opens the envelope and it is a petition for divorce with a note that asks ‘he attend to it ASAP.’

At the hospital Nucky, Teddy and Margaret come to see how her daughter is. The doctor tells them she had a hard night and she will need their love and support. Nucky and Teddy go visit Margaret’s daughter while Margaret talks to the doctor. He tells her that her daughter is improving but he has no idea yet if she will walk again. He tells her it is not a matter of money it is out of their hands. The doctor tells her they will get the results Friday and have an answer then.

At Darmody’s warehouse they are mixing water with medicinal alcohol from Remus and making crap whiskey. Luciano shows Jimmy heroin and tells him they can smoke it, inject it, sniff it. Jimmy asks who is going to buy. He is told the numbers are small now but it will become very popular. Darmody says to pay off Manny the killer butcher. Rothstein is getting edgy as is Johnny Torrio – so Lucky Meyer and Capone need results fast.

Nucky’s lawyer tells Nucky he is disappointed regarding Nucky’s trial. Nucky is not pleased with his lawyer and wonders why he pays him. Nucky wants to know what he has in mind to keep the trial in Atlantic County. He tells Nucky his hand and Nucky tells him he is crazy. The lawyer tells Nucky he will only serve two years. Nucky fires his lawyer.

Everyone is upset about the ‘coloreds’ being on strike.  The Commodore is getting worked up. Jimmy tells them go and negotiate give them 5 cent raise across the board. They do not want to give in. The Commodore tries to say something and the Jimmy asks the business owners to leave. They tell Jimmy to do what they are paying for and end it.

Eli get the idea of throwing the coloreds off the pier and hitting with billy clubs. One of the Commodores Cronies tell Jimmy, Nucky knew how to handle the coloreds. The Commodore calls Jimmy a pussy.

Margaret is with her son and he is saying his prayers and Margaret asks him to say a special prayer for Emily. Her son then tells her he cannot move his legs. Margaret freaks and then he begins to laugh. She slaps him across the face and he starts crying. Nucky burst in and says “You were just praying” and she runs out. Nucky tries to comfort her and she tells him that Teddy has his father cruel streak. Nucky tells her that Teddy just wants attention. He tells her she has to stop running herself ragged. He tells her he is going to New York tomorrow to hire a new lawyer.

He is going to take Teddy with him and she gives him instructions on how to care for him.

The coloreds are singing and marching. Over comes some goons – breakers – with clubs to break up the strike. Dunn sees them and tells everyone to hold the line and a big riot breaks out. The cops are turning a blind eye – but also wind up taking a beating!

Nucky comes in with Teddy and he sees a baseball and the man tells him Ty Cobb signed the baseball and he gives it to Teddy. Teddy tells him Ty Cobb is a bad man, Teddy leaves and the lawyer puts another ball on the table. The lawyer Fallon – tells Nucky Arnold told him he wanted a new lawyer.

Nucky asks Mr Fallon if he can get the venue back to Atlantic City and Mr. Fallon tells him no. He tells Nucky it will cost $80 an hour. Nucky asks Arnold what he would do and Arnold tells him ‘no one likes a long shot more than a gambler.’

Eli comes to visit his deputy who took a beating during the strike break and brings him fresh peas but it is not like he can eat them since he was beaten by the Goons during the strike. The deputy tells Eli that the men who beat him up were not Black they were the strike breakers. Eli tells him it is a puzzlement.

Eli tells Ray the deputy when things go wrong he asks himself ‘what did I do wrong’ Eli suspects that Ray spoke to Randolph about him. He tells Ray when he figures out what he did wrong, he should never, ever do it again – that is why he got the beating.

When Eli leaves Ray picks up the phone and calls the post office in Illinois.

Margaret is in church praying. The priest asks Margaret if something is wrong and she tells the priest her youngest has polio and it is killing her.
The priest tells Margaret god is with her. He more or less tells Margaret she has to give up something. Marg must think its her affair with Owen!

Jimmy meets Chalky and he asks how his shoes are fitting? Jimmy replies they are tighter. He tells Chalky the strike needs to end and he has come to work something out. Dunn is with Chalky and he tells Jimmy that the goons struck out.

Jimmy tells Chalky he will make his murder charge go away. He will talk to the governor. Chalky asks what else he got, Chalky tells him justice. He wants $3,000 a piece for the families who had people killed and he wants the 3 crackers who did it delivered to him. Jimmy tells him it is not going to happen. Chalky tells him that is the deal, and there is always next tourist season.

Teddy is on the phone with his mother. He tells her he got a signed baseball by Ty Cobb and he says goodnight to her. Nucky tells her they will see her tomorrow. Nucky tells Teddy his Mom is in good spirits and Teddy shrugs. Nucky tells Teddy that he had a sick sister who had consumption and his mother spent all his time with her. But, he knew his mother loved him anyway. Teddy asks Nucky if he is in trouble and Nucky responds, no, well a little. He tells Teddy some people say he did something wrong but it is not true. Teddy asks if he is in trouble because he burned his father’s house down. Nucky tells him what he saw was an accident. Teddy tells him don’t worry dad I wont’t tell.

Al Capone tells everyone that the town is full with Irish Whisky and being sold cheaper than their crap! Jimmy tells them it is Nucky. Richard tells him Nucky’s man is from Ireland they imported it. They are upset because the strike is still on and more people are out there protesting. There is a fortune at stake and they tell Jimmy it has to be sold. They want to split the alcohol up and split in their respective towns. They tell Jimmy not to go to Philly because of Manny. Jimmy tells them they should just sell the shit.
Esther Randolph is taking Van Alden’s deposition. Esther asks what he knows about Hans Schroeder. In Van Alden’s file it says Nucky ordered Hans murder. Van Alden tells her he has no proof but he has no doubt whatsoever.

Clifford asks Esther if they have enough? She tells him to bring Eli in.

At Manny the Butcher’s house someone knocks on the door he is injured from the murder attempt and has a knife. It is Mickey Doyle, Manny frisks him and tells Doyle ‘better safe than sorry’ – He tells Doyle ‘the two of them the walking wounded’ courtesy of Jimmy Darmody. Doyle claims it was Waxy who did it not Jimmy. Manny asks what he brought him and he gives him Whiskey and says it is to settle Jimmy’s debt. Manny asks why Jimmy has not come, he is a big shot now. Manny gives Doyle matches and tells him he took the matches from the man who tried to kill him. Manny knows Jimmy tried to kill him the matches are from Atlantic City and he is pissed he sent him watered down whiskey. Manny tells Doyle he takes the payback and Doyle has to tell him where to find Jimmy Darmody for a quiet chat. He refuses, Manny strangles him to try and change his mind

Esther visits Eli in jail and he tells her he asked for a lawyer. She tells him she is a lawyer and she is the prosecutor. She tells Eli that his deputy Ray has a lot to say about Hans. She tells him if he has something to say about his brother Nucky have his lawyer call her.

Margaret is going through her desk and taking an envelope. Margaret goes to visit the priest she apologizes for disturbing him. He asks how Emily is and she tells him she does not know yet. He asks if she is looking for a miracle and she says yes. She says he told her she needs to do an act of devotion. She takes out of her purse all her jewellery and cash for a donation to the church. He tells her he does not usually get donations on this and she tells him it is a weight on her soul and she wants to show she is willing. The priest tells her ‘we can, shall we pray.’

Jimmy is looking out at the beach and his wife asks what is fascinating? He tells her the fellow sun tanning; he does not have a care in the world.
She tells him to take a blanket and join him. He tells his wife he must leave town for a few days. Jimmy tells her he knows she is not happy, he know there are things about him she does not like, she is afraid to say. He promises to make it up to her and tells her he can be the person she wants him to be.

She tells him he heard a joke today at the bakery. She says a man comes into a hotel and he says I like a room and a bath and the clerk say I can give you a room but you have to take the bath yourself. Did I tell it wrong, she says. Angela asks if he sure he has to leave right away and eh tells her he is not sure of anything as he kissed her.

At the hospital Nucky and Margaret are meeting with the Doctor who tell them they did not get the results they wanted. Her paralysis will most likely be permanent. Margaret looks devastated. The doctor tells them they will measure Emily for braces and then they can take her home and do rehab and hope for the best.

Teddy is alone in his room playing on the floor and he finds a picture of his mother and his father, Hans, who was murdered.

Angela is in bed asleep, and we see Manny the butcher walking up the stairs of Jimmy’s house with a gun in his hand. He walks into the bedroom and sees Angela sleeping and put his hand over her mouth, she fights and he hears someone in the shower. He thinks it is Jimmy as the person comes out of the bathroom he shoots and it is not Jimmy – it is Angela’s lesbian lover. Angela begs him not to kill her she offers him money and he tells her ‘her husband did this’ and he shoots her. To make sure he did the job he shoots her and her lover several more times.

Jimmy is driving North to Princeton, New Jersey to try to sell the crap rotgut booze.

That is it till next week make sure to come back, only two more episodes left!!!

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