Born to Ride TV Sets a Milestone

16 years ago Ron Galletti created a biker show, “Born to Ride” that inspired an amazing cult-like following in Tampa, Florida.

The show, currently airing in various markets across the Country, has embodied the positives of the biker culture and according to Galletti, “we show bikers in a positive light and it’s all about the people. Bikers are blue collar folks, white collar folks, and people of all colors.”

The 800th episode aired at 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 17th, and according to followers of this “Born to Ride” movement, Galletti has brought joy and pride to the lives of countless numbers of bikers.

The longest-running biker TV show in the world is proud to have reached this milestone and firmly believes it will keep “riding” to another 800 episodes. If you like motorcycles get acquainted with this show immediately.

Guinness Book of World Records has also been in contact with Galletti to reward the show’s success and 800 episodes. There are more episodes to come. Stay tuned.

In addition to the TV show, there’s a “Born to Ride” magazine. Video excerpts from the TV show and samples from the magazine can be found at on his website, which also features thousands of event photos and updates on future events.

To find out more about this historic episode visit Born to Ride

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