Bree Olson Leaves Charlie Sheen

Bree Olson Leaves Charlie Sheen

If you were wondering what kind of tales these girls would be spinning once they left Charlie Sheen’s warlock compound, then you might just find out. has learned that Charlie’s numero uno goddess, Bree Olson has flown the coop! I guess it was just a matter of time, right?

On April 16th, Charlie tweeted this message, “Thank u Toronto! taking off. my epic crew all jazzed about our time here. The Rachel tending to errands back home. all good in WH. ybb c”

We’ve since heard reports that the move is official and she has actually left the warlock after realizing that she couldn’t hang with him anymore.

He still has one goddess left, Natalie Kenly, and we’re sure he’ll be taking applications soon!

Update: Bree claims that she will return to Charlie after dealing with a court date over her DUI. She says that she’s still a part of Sheen’s goddesses.

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