Bristol Palin’s Memoir Confirms Her Arrogance And Stupidity

Bristol Palin's Memoir Confirms Her Arrogance And Stupidity

A simple examination of the life of Bristol Palin shows her to be a deceitful fool with the arrogance of a lion – imagine doing a speaking tour trumpeting sexual abstinence when you were an underage and unwed mother currently involved in another relationship? Nobody but Bristol Palin would even dare!

Another example of her hubris can be found near the end of her memoir where Bristol Palin declares that her love story with Levi Johnston is “not unique” and places it in historical perspective for the reader. “Women throughout history have looked back at their relationships and wondered how they could’ve loved a man who treated them so badly,” she writes. “From Hillary Clinton to Sandra Bullock, from Jackie Kennedy to Jennifer Aniston, from Elin Woods to Princess Diana.”

Imagine the gall of Bristol Palin placing herself in a group of supposedly scorned women that includes the secretary of state and Jackie Kennedy!!! I mean Bristol wouldn’t have even qualified to be a Monica Lewinsky, let alone a Hillary. Bristol was wild girl who screwed around with a boy and got impregnated and then dumped – this hardly makes her a tragic figure – just a skank.

At the age of 20, with all the wisdom of her experience to draw upon (LOL), Palin has written a memoir about the ordeal of being Johnston’s partner, a teenage mother to their child and a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.”

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Johnston is called a “gnat” and a “big guy who had a talent for trash-talking but nothing else.” He’s “inarticulate,” “cocky” and “obnoxious.” He’s the bully who pulls hair, trips people and “put Ex-Lax in some kid’s brownie.” He lies to her all the time — about other girls, about having bought a new truck even though he was broke, about reeling in “12 fish when he didn’t catch any” and assorted other misdeeds.

“Like many women throughout history, I went for the ‘bad boy’ who didn’t care about authority,” she says. “Levi’s bad behavior wasn’t a deal-breaker for me.” They had an on-again, off-again relationship from the moment they met in seventh grade that, according to Palin, was always being tested by his romps with other girls and her family’s disapproval of him.

She begins the book with their lowest moment together, promising that “No one has ever heard this part of my story” and that what we’re about to read “would affect my life in ways a teenager could not comprehend.”

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One summer night in high school, Palin lies to her mom, saying she’s spending the night at her friend’s house. Instead, she goes camping with Johnston and some friends. She writes that she had never taken a sip of alcohol before the camping trip — “I knew nothing about anything bad really . . . especially the differences between vodka, beer, and whiskey” — but as she sits by the fire, she finds herself enjoying the way the wine coolers Johnston is plying her with make her feel “young and carefree.” The next thing Palin remembers is waking up in his tent with his empty sleeping bag by her side.

How do you spell BULLSHIT?

“What I don’t remember is what transpired between the moment when I was sitting there by the fire talking and the moment I awakened the next morning,” she writes. She goes on: “Suddenly, I wondered why it was called ‘losing your virginity,’ because it felt more like it had been stolen.”

‘Squandered’ would be a better word Bristol.

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28 responses to “Bristol Palin’s Memoir Confirms Her Arrogance And Stupidity”

  1. BekiLynne says:

    Thank you!!! This was exactly how I felt when reading excerpts! What a bunch if bs!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Johnston is called a “gnat” and a “big guy who had a talent for trash-talking but nothing else.” He’s “inarticulate,” “cocky” and “obnoxious.”

    Uh, Bristol also described herself with these words.  Doesn’t fall far from the tree…

  3. Johndoe says:

    this is a dumbass article

  4. Roy Estes says:

    You, like so many people in the media, don’t like her because of who her mom is. If she had been the daughter of a democrat preaching the exact same crap you’d be coddling and supporting her.

    • Anonymous says:

      victim, victim,victim.  Blame the liberals, blame the liberals, blame the liberals.  Through your blabber, Chinny-Chin-Deformed Chin is a laughing stock with nobody interested in reading her fairytale.

      Meghan McCain was 24th on the NYT Best Sellers List 2 weeks after her book was released.  Where is Bitch-tols?  I don’t think they monitor something that low – below 1500!

      Talk about Gnats…..she is just an annoying insect flying from feces to feces.

    • guest says:

      It’s not “dislike” and it’s not “because of who her mom is.”
      What it IS, is calling out stupidity and baloney; shameful exaggeration and self-marketing.

    • Guest says:

      I Don’t Think So!!!!!!!!

    • One born every minute says:

      Sure Roy…..the real reason so many “don’t like her because of who her mom is. ”  I know these libruls don’t hate her because she lies as easily as she breathes…..Grandma SP must just as proud as you…….SUCKER!

    • Jeangoodbiz says:

      Bristol the pistol is a liar and a freak! Have you seen her Chin???

    • Jody Overland says:

      I don’t like Bristol?  I just call them as I see them – if Bristol comes across as unlikable then that probably is due to the fact that she is unlikable.  What makes Bristol disgusting is her behavior, not my opinion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Woohooo, Bristol Palin is one sweet, pretty young lady. Her best-selling book is an interesting read, also.

    • AnchorageResident says:

      Carltonwest, go away please.  You post on many of the anti-palin sites and I doubt you are in the age bracket to post here.  

    • MAC says:

      When did her “book” become best-selling?

  6. Annie On says:

    Calling a woman who was obviously  raped a “skank” is pretty low.  And to not believe her simply because…you don’t like her?  Is even lower, not to mention extremely sexist.

    • Leonard says:

      Bristol said she wasn’t raped, ffs!  Shockingly she wasn’t stupid enough to make that libelous statement.  She’s a skank.  

      • 1Doubter says:

        Go check out theimmoralminority or Mercede Johnston’s blog. Turns out this ‘rape victim (NOT!!!!) was known BEFORE she went on that camping trip to f*ck Levi IN HIS PARENTS HOUSE while an older relative was sleeping next door! Seems she is ‘quite vocal’…

    • Jody Overland says:

      Grow a brain – Bristol was not raped and I am not sexist – but you are.

  7. Darklady says:

    Keep in mind the Bristol dumped Levi, who was willing to marry her not once, but twice.

    As for this ridiculous claim that she was date raped is just that: a ridiculous claim. Her MySpace blogs showed her to be a jealous and possessive girl who drank, smoked pot, and whose mother thought she might be pregnant before she even started dating Levi.

    While date rape is an important issue, it’s also important to remember who we’re talking about here. Admitting that she liked to drink and have sex at a young age would not play well with the Palinistas. Her fame and fortune depends on playing the victim, which she and her mother are absolute experts at doing. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Levi gets visitation for only a few hours at a time 2 days a week. So he’s supposed to be able to afford to chase Bristol all around the lower 48 states so he can see the baby? Bristol won’t even take his calls. Who knows where Bristol’s nanny and Tripp are as she flits from state to state making money off the little boy? Besides that WHO knows who the baby-daddy really is. Maybe Bristol doesn’t want to give Levi a chance to see the baby because he might get the 3 yr. old’s pacifier for a DNA test. Yes he’s still on a pacifier.

    Visit Amazon to read portions of her novel.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why did Bristol tell Levi that she was praying he wasn’t the father when she found out she was pregnant?  If not Levi, then who were the other possible candidates? 

      Bristol proves herself to be a vindictive, nasty and thoughtless young mother who wrote a book that her son will surely read when he can.  How will she answer Tripp’s questions about his father and what will she say about calling him a mistake?  It’s quite obvious she’s had little to no parental guidance her entire life if she didn’t think twice about writing the trash she did.

  9. John Woolman says:

    I doubt that she wrote the book, none of this is how she talks or thinks. It’s a PR thing written by someone on her mom’s payroll. Ask people in Alaska who went to school with her, this is a fantasy. She was well known for being a wild child quite early, I doubt that Levi somehow “corrupted” her. They were the same age, by the way, to hear some people react you’d think he was years older.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Besides there happens to be a small detail which Bristol chose to leave out. You see there was another couple right next to Bristol and Levi in that very SAME tent.

  11. Bbwoof says:

    Bristol Palin a skank? That’s an insult to all the skanks of the world.

  12. Meg says:

    What a stupid book, who will waste their time or money to read it?

  13. Like mother, like daughter.  
    Bristol is selling herself in any form or fashion just like Sarah, to
    make that money.  Talk about some
    successful capitalists- all body and no brains.