Chris Brown Comments On Rihanna Beating Photos

Chris Brown Comments On Rihanna Beating Photos

Earlier today, MediaTakeOut released two more photos of the attack on Rihanna on the night of the 2009 Grammys by Chris Brown.

The images are pretty shocking, showing off all of the wounds that he inflicted upon her during their argument on that night. Now, he has decided to speak out on the photos, taking to his Twitter page to give his two cents.

He tweeted, “The Devil is always busy!! But when u have a destiny, nothing or no one can stop what god has planned!”

Apparently the devil was super “busy” on the night that Rihanna got the living crap kicked out of her. Seriously, what part of God’s plan was it that her destiny was to get beaten like that?!?? Someone please tell me, because I’m dying to know.

He has since removed the tweet. Figures. What a douchebucket. I still can’t believe that he didn’t get any jail time over this nonsense. Shameful.

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  • will anderson

    It is kinda weird that they chose to release those pics now
    It’s been 2 years

    • King Makers

      To answer the author’s question about God’s part

      RiRi was destined to be great somehow and that 2009 was all it took ironically to get her to that Destination however, God is also restoring Chris to an even higher level due to his repentance & hard work but the devil and its agent are trying as usual to stop it.

      The devil is always busy & his best tool for destruction is man’s ultimate weakness “the woman”.In fact, the greatest men has always fallen from the hands of a woman from the stories in the Bible to present history. But God will always forgive and restore anyone thats has shown repentance and asked for forgiveness.

      I believe some people desperately want him gone, not because the care about RiRi. His return is a big one and some already see this and are threatened by it. Its unbelievable how much enemies on can have at a very tender age.

  • tish

    I think that you all (media) are the douchebags for keeping this crap going. and you are disrespecting Rihanna because she has said it many times she is tired of this. this is why i will not vote for a woman as president. not until as women we can learn to live and let go. no one said forget what he did but forgiveness should be a given. look at how we don’t just bust a white person upside their heads for all the crap they have done to many races and women and children. and he is right. the DEVIL is always busy.

  • Shon

    Maybe you should visit a courtroom and you will see that a first time offender of domestic violence do not get jail time. With that said, Chris Brown actually got a tougher sentence than what most first time offenders got. Not saying that its right but most people are given a slap on the wrist and no probation when it comes to these situations.

    Also you should read the bible. because your interpretation of what god would do is off. From what I read, the bible speaks about individuals who have done some of the worst things and have been redeemed and turned their life around. Like Moses who was a murder before he led his people out of Egypt. And a host of other individuals.

    My final recommendation is that you not write another blog until you are able to write a piece where you can express your feelings and if you talk about what should have been done then support it with facts. I worked in a court room so Ive seen what happens in those cases. I have been in an abusive relationship so I know how it feels. And most importantly Ive learned through it all that instead of worrying about what happened you need to understand why it happened. Maybe you should look at your skeletons before you bash Chris Brown. Because at the end of the day he’s still making money and you have to settle for writing about him. And then you have people like me who feel like you should find another profession.

    • ROFL another profession….haters gonna hate

      • Abe

        you said it was nonsense so why get angry over it? It sounds like to me that you yourself have been a victim of abuse at the hands of someone for whatever reason. Now any guy that has been accused or convicted you seem to lash out at. you want Chris Brown to have jail time cause you’ve probably become a man-hater now and like you said ‘haters gonna hate” so my only wish is that you get help before writing another article about people in abuse cases ok. great.

        oh by the way God has forgiven him so why can’t you. Many ppl God has chosen have done something wrong in their life but he showed mercy and forgiveness through his son Jesus so Chirs’ destiny is to be whatever God has him to be…..and the devil always hates what God has planned for us so he will do what he can to destroy us inside and out.

        • WTF? Are you on drugs? I’ve never been the victim of any type of abuse, but it just seems appalling that Chris hasn’t done any jail time for what he did to her. He’s a sorry excuse for a human being. No one ever has the right to do that to another person. Take your God psycho babble BS and shove it. K thanks bye.

    • King Makers

      This is what the world needs to hear,”Instead of worrying about what happen, try and understand why it happened in the 1st place” & its true, the Bible supports repentance and redemption. i wish you could write this as an articles so that people can digest and learn instead of gloat over the past. If more articles came out with facts in your comment, a lot more people will learn and the situation would have had a positive impact on the world.


  • jayjay

    you right about that roberta. haters are gonna hate and your the number one hater of all times. i got a guestion for you hater. why do feminist pretend to care about dv and abusing of women when clearly you all are also abusers? rihanna has clearly said time and again she wants to move on but you all say screw her and keep this crap up. you all don’t care about the victim. you all have been abusing her for two years so your right hate on hater.

    • Blame MediaTakeOut for releasing those photos, then. Not a feminist, just a strict believer in anti-abuse on any level.

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