David Beckham Graces The Cover Of WSJ Magazine

David Beckham Graces The Cover Of WSJ Magazine

Really? Is it even possible to look this good?  David Beckham is like a fine wine; he just gets better with age.  It should be a crime to let this beautiful creature out in public…ok, I know I’m sounding crazy but you get the drift.

David Beckham, 35, got dolled up in none other than Ralph Lauren to grace the cover of WSJ Magazine.  The father of four and husband to Victoria Beckham talked about aging, his wife, and his new body wear line.

“Got my first gray a few years ago, and a couple more since we’ve had the little girl. I definitely feel different than I did 10 years ago. It takes a while for the Achilles to warm up…Once I’ve had my coffee, I’m good.”

If that’s what aging looks like, bring on the birthdays.

On how Victoria told him she was expecting: “She pulled me aside and said, “Oh, by the way, we’re pregnant.’”

Not very exciting, but cute nonetheless.

As far as his clothing line goes, David had this to say: “I’m totally involved in everything that goes out there in stores. I don’t just sign with a company and give my name to do whatever they want. Everything that goes out there is something I would wear.”

David, you can do no harm.

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