Demi Moore Fears Bruce Willis And Ashton Kutcher On A Collision Course

Demi Moore Fears Bruce Willis And Ashton Kutcher On A Collision Course Demi Moore is suffering because of Ashton Kutcher‘s infidelity, specifically his sex-in-the-hot-tub-night with Sara Leal. Now her tough guy ex-husband Bruce Willis, 56,  is stepping up to defend her sullied honor.

Demi and Bruce were married for 13 years and have 3 daughters together so it is no surprise that Bruce is enraged with Ashton and intends to set him straight. Humiliating Demi and causing her such upset has put Ashton in a position where he better expect some ‘Die Hard’ intervention.

Now Magazine claims a source told them: “When Bruce found out he flipped. He plans to confront Ashton and give him a huge talking-to. Although he and Demi split in 2000, he still considers her family.  Bruce believes if you mess with someone he loves, you mess with him. He trusted Ashton not to hurt his family and is planning to give him a piece of his mind.”

The source ends with the threat:  “When he finally catches up with him it won’t be pretty.”

We hope Bruce and Ashton do not wind up in a fist fight – Ashton has the size and age advantage but Bruce has loads of tough-guy acting experience… .

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  • Krollehr

    What a jerk Bruce Willis is. Like when he said in a TV sjow that he threatened guys that came to visit his daughters.

  • marcin k

    make it a ppv fight? But seriusly he deserves to get his ass whoped. If I was in Bruce situation I would do something….

    Lets be honest here Ashton was looking to get laid after all he did that chick twice….